olia-gozha-676766-unsplash“In Ten Developmental Themes of Mindful Leaders, Denise Frizzell offers a wonderful framework for leaders to make significant impact and reach their highest potential. She offers leaders hope that they can evolve and transform, and create organizations, and indeed a world filled with infinite possibilities.”

Maria Gonzalez, Best-selling author, Mindful Leadership: The 9 Ways to Self-Awareness, Transforming Yourself, and Inspiring Others

“This book offers a fast track to the deep, transformational journey required to be a successful leader in our complex and rapidly changing world. Dr. Frizzell skillfully shows us not only the map of who we can become but also points to specific paths we can start today that have proven to unlock profound capacities of mind, body, heart and spirit. It is these precise capacities that are needed to guide our organizations and communities out of the wilderness and into a flourishing future. I encourage you to courageously step onto one of the paths of self-transformation this book offers, so that you can embody the true wisdom, compassion and healthy power that the world hungers for now. You will never regret this choice. Watch out, though, this mysterious journey into our future self can be a dangerous and scary one. With Dr. Frizzell as guide, you can avoid the typical pitfalls and more easily access the greater presence, capacity and grace that makes you profoundly more capable of deep service and impact.” –

Barrett C. Brown, PhD, global leadership expert and author of The Future of Leadership for Conscious Capitalism (white paper)

“Dr. Denise Frizzell has written THE definitive book on mindfulness! This book covers all the bases making a terrific argument for the multiple values of this practice. The book is well-organized and gives the reader a deep look at this transformative way of being in the world. I highly recommend this book to every professional in business, health care, and education. Get it, read it and apply it!”

Dr. David K. Banner, Professor of Leadership and Organizational Change, Department of Management,  Walden University, and author of Frameshifting: A Path to Wholeness and Designing Effective Organizations: Traditional and Transformative Views.

“The author’s aim is to offer a holistic and integrative approach to leader development. To that end, she explores three non-religious systems of self-transformation, including the still little known and potent Fourth Way methodologies. This unusual combination of corporate management and practical spiritual development transcendent of mainstream traditions is a significant contribution to the literature on leadership development. This book presents a new and meaningful way for businesses and communities to experiment with transformative practices that can offer solutions to the urgent global challenges of our times.”

Ted Nottingham, Spiritual Teacher, Publisher of Theosis Books at , author of fifteen books and translations including, Written in our Hearts: The Practice of Spiritual Transformation

“Denise has done a great job in identifying 10 leadership development benefits from mindfulness practice. By learning how our colleagues gravitated toward mindfulness and the rewards they have enjoyed, no doubt this book will inspire others to explore the possibilities.”

John Nirenberg, PhD, Author of The Living Organization and former Program Manager (Ret.), of the PhD in Management Program at Walden University